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On this site, you will find a variety of things including but not limited to, artwork, art advocacy, updates on school activities, advocacy and yes, more advocacy. Three philosophies I believe in that strongly guide my teaching: 1. Art is inherently cross-curricular, multi-cultural and global. 2. Art educators must continue to advocate the importance of art on a minute-by-minute basis. 3. We are ALL responsible for the educational impact art has on our world. I hope this site continues the initiative taken every day by thousands of passionate art teachers around the globe.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Google Classroom is ALIVE in ART!!!!!!

Google Classroom is AMAZING! 

We are learning how to use Classroom in art to 
receive our "Artist Daily's" (daily work log and class info.)  
and turn in our assignments (written and artworks). 

Classroom was designed hand-in-hand with Google Apps for Education teachers to help them save time, keep classes organized, and improve communication with students. 

Here are examples of how we are using i Pads and
Google classroom in art.

  •  Creating and submitting Google Docs with Artist Research.
  • Taking photos (in-progress images) of work to evaluate our progress, work-ethic and development of planning.
  • Student's can now contribute to The Idea Factory!(class blog)
Here are some samples of student photography of works in progress submitted to our Google Classroom. 

Art 1
Keren, Paul, Sara and Anu 4th Period

Art B

Camryn 3rd Period

Pooja 3rd Period

Aaron 2nd Period

Art A

Nils Akash and Adisri 7th Period

Google Classroom is similar to Blackboard and can work in conjunction with Blackboard.  Your student receives an email regarding any announcements or new assignments that have been posted. In essence, they can get a jump start on their assignment before it is physically assigned in class! I'v received positive feedback from students. They like the look of the classroom and the ease of use to turn in assignments and communicate with me about their work. Student's can turn in research and images of in progress work and in some cases final product images to be viewed by their teacher. We have spent the last two days learning about how to view and submit items to our Google Classroom. 

Link to Learn
Google Classroom

Things to know:
  1. Due dates still apply in GC. The program date and time-stamps student work once submitted. The student may "unsubmit and resubmit" until the due date. After the due date, the item may still be submitted (and should be) but it will be marked late within the system. Should the item not be turned in within two days (per our syllabus) the student will complete in FNL. 
  2. Absence policy still applies here as well. 
  3. Students can submit work from anywhere! YAY!!!


  1. This is FANTASTIC to see an art teacher integrating technology and Google Classroom!

    1. Thank you for checking out our blog! Tech is easily integrated into everything we do. Check out our stop motion video's with coil building and also our student created presentations.

  2. This is fantastic seeing an art teacher integrate technology & using Google Classroom!

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  4. So thrilled to see this, as I am trying to put together something for a class in Photographic Composition. I will need portfolios and this seems perfect. Blackboard is too cumbersome for most of my students with our lack of technology.