Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kindergarten and Texture

     We are working on TWO projects at once.... THAT'S HOW WE ROLL!  
Students are discussing the difference between visual texture and tactile texture. 

Learn with your student here! 
Discussing texture is a great way to expand your child's vocabulary. 

Texture is the element of art that refers to the way things feel, or look as if you could feel if touched (the illusion of touch).

Types of textures
Texture is the character of a surface and is both tactile and visual.
  • Tactile texture is the tactile quality of a surface, such as rough, smooth, sticky, fuzzy, soft or slick. A real texture is one you can actually feel with your hand, such as a piece of sandpaper, a wet glass, or animal fur. It also can be created by an artist by doing a collage.
  • Visual texture is a visual quality of a surface. It is the result from painting or drawing as the real texture.  Visual texture is an illusion of texture created by an artist. Paint can be manipulated to give the impression of texture, while the paper surface remains smooth and flat.   

When we are finished, we will have Texture Turtles and "Swedish" Fish. 
Turtle shells in the making and our first experience with clay!

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