Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Polar Bear Portraits...It's cold outside!

 3rd Grade

It's cold outside! Well, it was yesterday... or it will be tomorrow.  Either way, we have polar bears in our hallways in January. We learned two watercolor techniques in this project. My students had so much fun learning about the wet-in-wet and salt resist watercolor techniqes which you can see below without bears.  We pondered the question. "Why is it important to experiment with techniques in art?" I found an artist on Etsy which you can see above and in my post "Snow Days" or as the kids would say "They were ICE days Mrs. Richards!"  I really thought my students would enjoy this project and we decided to take it a step further adding scarves and hats.  We hope you enjoy!


I love how each bear has a different expression. 
We also adding stamping to some. 



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