Sunday, March 23, 2014

Art Show...WOWZER!

We had such a successful art show opening this year! I would like to thank all of the parents and teachers from Stewart's Creek who came out to view the artwork and support our program. Art show for me is a time when I am able to reflect upon the year and realize how talented my students truly are!  My favorite thing about it all is seeing the faces of students as they realize their art is hanging in a REAL gallery. I believe this really helps put art in perspective for them and drives their desire to excel and grow in any environment. Please feel free to stop by the MCL Grande in Lewisville throughout the week. Our artwork will be on display there until March 31st.

Thank you all again for your support and please enjoy the photographs below. I've also added some compliments we received from teachers and parents.  

"Great show tonight!"  - LISD Art Teacher, Leigh Richardson

"I just wanted to thank you for choosing Emma’s fish to hang in the LISD art show. Emma loves going to your class. Thank you so much for instilling the love of art in Emma.  I treasure great teachers such as yourself. "  (excerpt) 
- Emma's Mom -Stewart's Creek Parent

"I just popped by the gallery before the massive crowds descend. Stewarts Creek's display is amazing great job!!!!!!" 
- LISD Art Teacher, Carrie Caldarera

Fellow teachers, parents and PTA members unite. 
Thank you for your support! 

Before Guests Arrived...

Sweet little Emma was just delighted to see her artwork. 
Thanks for the great photo mom!

Can you tell they are brothers or what!?  
The Miranda boys shine in the art room and at art show. Congratulations to you both!

There were so many members of the LISD community and other art teachers taking photographs of our work. Students from other schools were showing their parents our work...
I am just SO very proud of our students and their success!

"Thank you for choosing our sweet kiddos art to be displayed. They were so excited to see you, and the art, last night."
-Geneveve and Nico's Mom,  Stewart's Creek Parent

Trent had SO much to tell me this year at the show.  
We discussed art, video games and school.
Haha! He was so funny.

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